Donald has provided business consulting services, including strategic planning, problem solving, and other related services to our firm over the past year. Donald has a keen understanding of business needs and how to energize teams and set them on a good course. His work is having a major impact on the performance of our company, and I highly recommend his services.

John Humphrey, Chief Operating Officer, July Business Services, Waco, Texas


Client Results

Strategy Creation - the organization has a powerful strategy with buy-in from all managers and employees that results in increased productivity, satisfied customers, motivated employees, efficient allocation of resources and breakthrough growth

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Increased Revenue - the business accelerates sales, increases revenue and decreases costs based on strategies that improve productivity in marketing, management, and employee performance and morale

Marketing Strategy - a distinctive and powerful market position in the minds of the organization’s customers, the acquisition of new customers, and the retention of all key customers

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Innovation - the business solves problems, identifies new ideas, and creates new products and services based on a strategy that links employee creativity to the organization’s need for innovation

Trained Leadershipleaders are identified, developed, mentored, and given responsibility to exercise their unique gifts in the right setting

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Better Decisions - management diagnoses problems and clarifies issues based on better and faster information, improved processes, keen analysis, and objectivity

Process Improvement - the overall efficiency of the organization increases substantially through streamlined processes and costs and capital are optimized to achieve overall business objectives

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Risk Reduction and Control - the organization’s risks are identified, anticipated, and managed to limit and control loss, disruption, and possible litigation

Increased People Productivity - the total productivity of all the employees and business partners working together increases significantly as a result of successful leaders, motivated employees, high performing teams, and committed partners and suppliers who invest in the organization’s vision and mission

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